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Friday, September 23, 2016

WTF - Did You Hear Me?

 "selective hearing," definition please,

"characterized as the action in which people focus their attention on a specific source of a sound or spoken words." (definition found Here)

Did you hear me?

My family defines this abrupt loss of hearing is a medical condition, 


Hearing diminishes when they hear things like,

"Can you turn that music down?"

"I've got extra strawberries, want them?" (Did you read about my strawberry addiction? Click here)
"Time to clean your room."
"Stop hitting your brother."
"Did someone spend $5 on an online game?"

Hearing is restored or miraculously healed when I say, 

"Dinner's ready."

"What happened to all the Rice Krispy Treats, there's only one left!" (At which point some type of Who Concert style stampede erupts until one gets to the last treat!)
"I'm hitting the grocery store, do you want anything?"
"Did I give you your allowance?"

Some scientists state MomSaidWhatitis is directly related to the sensitive nerve endings of the family's ears. The tone of voice can determine how much of the sound they can hear, some explaining it is like dog whistles.

Some tones, even spoke low enough for the dog's ears perking can reach a child. Specifically the rustling of the cookie bag.

Higher tones, pass through those nerve endings without touching specifically the tone used when saying, "Get over here right this minute."

Scientists also say that sometimes MomSaidWhatitis can worsen if other senses are involved, hearing loss can be aggravated by,

The smell of dog shit causing them to not hear, "Can someone come clean this up?"

The smell of fresh produce, causing them to not hear, "Can someone help me with the groceries?"
The smell of blood, causing them to not hear, "Leave your brother alone.

In order to help a family member with MomSaidWhatitis you can enhance their hearing process with a few things:

Food, scientists say holding food while speaking to the patient gives you a better chance of increased hearing.

Candy is directly related to full hearing mode, unfortunately once the candy is gone their hearing loss tends to worsen.
Electronics heighten hearing if the speaker holds them directly in front of the patient while speaking, like acting like you are talking on the phone.

Scientists investigated the possibility of womens' hearing loss is worse than mens' but determined their condition is a different condition, called ImBusyitis.

Hearing loss usually occurs during multitasking for women.

For instance, hear loss is incurred when spoken to while music is blaring or,

running a vacuum or drying hair.

It is easy to heighten a women's hearing, simply hold wine or chocolate and she can hear distinctly what you are saying. Science cannot determine why this is the case but a full laundry basket can cripple a women's hearing.

Finally, there is a direct relation to hearing and speaking.

Scientists determined women talk more than men because of the above conditions, they  repeat themselves over and over again.

Does your family suffer from these conditions?

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