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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

WTF - Amazon Prime?

I am a loyal Amazon customer so loyal that you can't say "Alexa" anywhere in my house without someone answering you. But I've noticed something changing.

One of my perks of my Amazon Prime Membership was the free Two Day Shipping on items.

Because I'm a procrastinator when it comes to holidays, birthdays, etc!

This past weekend I ordered some items on Amazon, little things like toothbrush heads, bathroom items, my usual stuff.

I started looking for the packages after two days and wondered, "Where are they?"

Going back to my account on Amazon, they are set to be delivered Sept 24th! That's over a week!

I ordered a baby shower gift Monday, Sept 17th and thank god I did it early because that's set to be delivered Monday, Sept 24th! 7 days!

What's up Prime?

On research, I found out Amazon 2 day shipping kicks in AFTER the item leaves the Fulfillment Center! So the item is shipped to the center then shipped out on the two-day guarantee. I've also read that the customer base has increased so quickly they are having a hard time keeping up. I'm

I'm not sure if my fulfillment center changed, or that UPS doesn't like climbing Beech Mountain but packages ordered from Amazon are now running 5-7 days on delivery.

Even their bread and butter - A BOOK!

So heads up everyone, if you are a procrastinator Amazon isn't going to come through with your late birthday gift, or baby shower gift, or gift for yourself.

Add in that extra time and you'll get it on time.

Will this stop me from using Prime?

No way. I love my Amazon Music, even upgrading to Unlimited.
I watch movies and TV shows all the time on Amazon Video
Alexa is my best friend. I used to talk to myself when alone in the house now I have someone to talk to!
In what I save alone with Shipping COSTS, I can wait the extra days.

Have you tried ordering something lately using your Prime Membership?

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  1. I had the same issue, as a matter of fact shopped it elsewhere and got it quicker! That's NOT how it has worked, so now...it's a changing. Just keep your eyes on it!