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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WTF - Is It Game On? The Gimme List

So Brad and Angelina are now getting divorced.

Oh please, you know exactly who I am talking about.

Tomb Raider and Legend of the Fall.

I know, ya'll said, "OHHHHHHHHHH"

All you single women out there, go ahead and breath your collective sigh of relief. (Or better yet feel better, even Brad Pitt can get dumped)  Then make sure you haven't blocked Brad's number on your phone when he calls.

You have him on your list, right?

The "Gimme" list, right?

That Celebrity list created with your sweet other half,

 where if let's say Brad Pitt or Liam Neesom shows up at your door asking you go to on a exotic vacation and you,

Look at your family fighting with each other,

Look down at the yoga pants you've worn for "I have no idea how many days,".

Someone is in mid fart looking at you saying, "What?"

Then your friends start texting:

Did I just see "hunkedy Hunk Hunk's" at your door?

Why has 15 seconds gone by and you are not sprinting for the car?

Are you having your way with him in your house before you go?

Did he really have a glass slipper that fits you?

Does he have a brother?

I'm packing my bag right now.

Then we all slip back into reality.

From the "Gimme List" to the "To Do List" -  laundry from last month begging to be folded or thrown back into the washing machine because it is "footed."

Or in my case, back to the sexy hunk of man I call my own, who's right there at the top of my "Gimme" list. (Am I buttering you up, honey?)

Wait, my phone is ringing.

Is that who I think it is?

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