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Monday, September 12, 2016

WTF - It's Fall Ya'll!!

I am so excited for cooler weather, hoodies, hot coffee and perhaps a hot toddy or two.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons for several reasons!Cooler weather as sweeps into our lives, changing leaves, changing clothes and changing attitudes.

The bugs have finally gone back to hell where they belong when we get our first frost of the season. And I am saying good riddance!

Have you noticed everyone becomes a lot nicer once the weather cools down. I know I feel better when there's isn't sweat running down my back in between my butt cheeks.

Once the temperature dips those of us, like myself that hibernate in the summer due to heat peak our heads out with a big smile to a cool and sunny day.

There is also a lull in complaining, a window between complaining about the heat of Summer to complaining about the freezing temperatures of winter.  Take advantage of it!

Side note: Do you notice most of the complaining involves:
Clothing - it's either not enough to too much.
Food - the temperature spoiled something.
Comfort - cold or hot sometimes there is sweat in places you don't want sweat.
Kids - well, we all complain about our kids regardless of the temperature.

Fall means I don't have to worry about my house. I can leave all the cobwebs for at least two months. If anyone asks, it's my Halloween decorations.

Cooler temps call for Mums, Pumpkins and Apples. Don't buy your pumpkins too early if there is an Indian Summer looming. Someone put a note in front of my pumpkin decoration saying, "Go home pumpkin, you're drunk," to the warm soupy wilted mess.

Don't worry about the intricate carving pumpkin stencils. They are expensive and believe me, every one looks like a Kindergartener carved the pumpkin when done. I can vouch!

Put out the pumpkins and let the squirrels do the work, they create the most beautiful designs from the inside out! This also keeps them out of the bird feeders for a month - a win/win.

Fall means hayrides and hot apple cider! Don't forget your extra addition to the hot apple cider if you want to survive the hayride with small children. Especially when the picture of a beautiful family bonding experience becomes the reality of Hay Bales are not comfortable for your bottom, especially when hay is sticking in certain places - ones where you DON'T want to find a piece of hay.

Fall also means Haunted Houses and Fall Festivals! When I can dive into a funnel cake and not feel guilty because I'm covering everything up with a big sweater! Plus I tell all the monsters are the haunted house, "You can't scare me, I'm a MOM!"

Fall starts the season of leggings, yoga pants, and knee socks!! Which means the machete is put away until spring when the white legs reveal themselves for the first shave of the season!

Of course who can control themselves when all the pumpkin recipes start hitting all the social media sites. I once made, pumpkin spice/nutmeg/carved apple/butternut squash/ and that other squash I forgot the name of muffins pawning them off to my kids because they tasted like shit.

And my last two reasons Fall is my favorite season,

Football - you can cover up a lot with a Baltimore Ravens Jersey and a set of leggings and,

Fall gets us one step closer to Winter!

What do you love about Fall?

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