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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

WTF - Resolutions?

Coming into 2018 hot, it's easy to start the first week off with all these great fantasies:

Six pack abs.
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Limiting the curse words
A healthier lifestyle
Getting off Social Media
Pants that fit.

Here's the realistic version of 2018 resolutions:

Wake up New Years Day full of ambition for the above reasons.

Realize you overslept your alarm so that time you carved at the gym for the 6 pack abs ain't gonna happen.

Say a few curse words before remembering resolution number two. 

You've broken two resolutions in the first 15 minutes of 2018.

Well it's the perfect time to shout this one out to all of your friends on Social Media, right?

Catch yourself yelling at your children, cross off being a good Mom

Mix the last of the champagne from the night before with whatever is in the fridge, in this case Vitamin Water.

Pull out the yoga pants and at 10:47am call it a day.

Or better yet, 

Just plan on making better bad decisions for 2018!

Now that's a resolution I can keep!

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