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Thursday, January 25, 2018

WTF - I'm Not That Kinda Mom

So I was informed this morning that I don't make "cool" lunches?


"Hugsly's Mom makes him sandwiches with tomato and lettuce and Garlic Pepper Aioli and all I get is ham and cheese."

So I said,

"Well of course she does, she named him Hugsly."

Then I added, "If you don't like my lunches you can make your own."

Then I made him a special lunch.

I took his ham and cheese sandwich and cut it into a star, ok sort of

adding a note saying,

"This is your special treatment."

I love you son.

You're lucky you're cute.

Any recipes for Garlic Pepper Aioli out there?

Or suggestions for the Special Treatment lunch?

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