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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Guys! SNOMG is coming! Are you ready? Here's a few tips from us already frozen on a mountain top to coping:

Go now, yes, right now and clear out all the bread and milk and toilet paper. You are screwed on the alcohol, everyone else went the minute the alert went out, shelves are empty.

Buy some socks. Those things that go on your feet keeping them warm. Look for ones with toes in them so you can still wear your flip flops.  You can also use all those beach blankets for extra warmth on the couch.

If you have a pair of gloves, dig them out. If not, the rubber kitchen gloves will keep your hands warm.

Find your hazard button on your car, most tourists where we live turn this on alerting others that it is snowing. Hands at ten and two while driving, don't worry about turn signals, your hazards are taking care of that.

Get out your old ski clothes, it could get pretty cold. I've ready that polyester from 1970 can hold a warm 98.6 degrees for over 18 hours.

Find some large tubs, if you lose power you can just put your beer outside in the snow and it stays nice and cold.

If you have a 4 wheel drive that does not mean you can drive in the snow. That definitely doesn't mean you can drive like an idiot because you have a 4 wheel drive.

Gunning the engine and spinning the tires does not get you out of that ditch.

Remember "Don't Crowd The Plow" if the plow is behind you, politely move to the side and let him pass.

Honestly, use our school of thought any time it snows, SLOW DOWN! Take your time and you'll get where you're going. Better yet, leave work before everyone else so you're not stuck behind someone who caused the wreck on the highway.

Now go, get that milk, bread and beer! Quickly! It's starting to snow!

Better yet, stay home, cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy the snow day!

Just kidding, stay safe, drink responsibly and enjoy the forced family time!

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