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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WTF - Bra Shopping

I have a friend getting married soon and was perusing the curiosity isle for that perfect gift. I think I found a few contenders what do you think?

In the age of everyone looking like they are wearing their underwear, people have gotten creative with the bra industry.  I thought I would share a few floating around the internet.

Now this one is a true Control Her!  Or if you are tired of asking for a little more fun, just tell your better half to enjoy pressing your buttons.

This is perfect if your other half wants to "Go where no man has gone before."

I found this one in the back of my closet, if was a gift from my father for my 16th birthday.

Now really?  Doesn't everyone realize the chocolate would MELT?

This way you don't have to ask them, "Do you like me?  Do you really like me?"

I tried this once when I quit breast feeding.  I'll never forget the cashier at the supermarket's face when I tried paying for the cabbage sporting my Triple X's.  I think he dropped my change 32 times.

And of course, you can always answer YES when they say "Your high beams are on!"

What even happened to go the good ole support bras that always said, "I'll be there for you" on the packaging?

Or of course, the coconut shell bras?  Let me go search my underwear drawer for mine.

Which one should I buy?

Wait, do we give bras and stuff for a bridal shower? I've been out of the loop for a while!

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