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Friday, October 14, 2016

WTF - Do I Have To Be An Adult Today?

It's decision time, to adult or to adultish today?

This morning everything would be different, I'm going to be an adult and be responsible.

Right?  Right!

I consult the list I wrote (the night before with a glass of wine) of everything I need to do to be a responsible adult.  Gosh, I don't remember writing down that recipe for dinner, that looks pretty hard?

But today is ADULT DAY! Hooray!

I resolve not to yell as the kids get ready for school, tackling the first chore - putting the laundry in the washer so it's ready for the dryer when I come back from carpool.

I'm congratulating myself. I made healthy lunches AND the washer is going at full speed as we leave.

This adulting is going pretty well.

I'm multitasking.

I move from dropping them off at school to the next thing on my list.  Groceries.

I don't feel like going to the grocery store right now, I'll just do it later.

No, I must be an adult, I must go to the store right now. This is how I prioritized my list, less gas.

But I'm out of coffee, I need more coffee to get through the grocery store.

Wait, there's more coffee at home, that's what I'll do, I'll get coffee then I'll go to the store later.

Mountain folk at this point know I am doomed, I went back up the mountain, it will take a Zombie Apocalypse to get me back down. But that's another story!

The wash is done as I enter the house.

OK, the wash, yep, I'm still an adult. I got this.

My list says BATHROOM!!  I look over to the bathroom then back to the coffee maker.

This adulting thing is exhausting, I'm gonna just take a little break and check Facebook.

20 minutes later I feel a little guilty, I really need to get to the next thing on my list.

Oh is that puppies playing in a bathtub?  Hold on a minute.

My washer reminds with an irritated ding that it's waiting.

Oh yeah, the wash, I'm adulting today, I think marveling at the number of yoga pants I've worn this week. Second load of wash in the washer.

I give myself another break because I have crossed off 4 things from my to do list. Need to start adulting with baby steps, don't want to ruin the whole thing in one day.

I could just do the groceries tomorrow morning right after carpool, that way I don't have to leave the mountain early, (See the whole mountain thing, I'll have to write more about this.) This gives me time for coffee.

But what about that crazy dinner I planned for tonight?

Did I tell anyone I was making it? I can't remember, I'll just play dumb. Spaghetti it is, I think the sauce is organic.

So another cup of coffee because I know I'll need more caffeine to adult the rest of this day.

I mean, I've pretty damn good.

Oh look, there's a cute video of babies laughing.

Crap! Time to get the kids from school, where did the day go?

These jeans are digging into my stomach like a Caesarean Section, let me put on my yoga pants before leaving, at least they are clean.

Tomorrow I'll be much better at adulting, I'll hit the grocery store first!

The next morning, I'm rolling out of school drop off congratulating myself for being an adult, being on time two days in a row!

Groceries. A big frown hits my face. I think we can survive one more night without food. There's a cup of milk left in the gallon if I water it down I can get two more bowls of cereal out of it tomorrow morning!  I've got this adulting thing!

Back home for the steaming cup of coffee, this time I'll bypass Facebook and get right to my to-so list!

Yeah, right!

What is that I smell?  Oh, the laundry. Oh well, time to run it again.

What chore has made you question your adulting for the day?  Comment below!

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