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Monday, October 31, 2016

WTF - Yea? But did you cry?

How can you not love Halloween?

The one day where you can let all cleaning skills go stating that "Dust and Cobwebs are decorations!"

You get to dress up.

You get to scare people.

Typical Halloween conversation at our house, two days before the event:

Did you buy enough blood?
Of course, I have plenty of blood. The problem is we may not have enough horror flesh.
Oh OK, then I'll use the bloody scab instead and save the horror flesh for you.
You are the best!

If anyone stopped by the house the day of Halloween they'd hear:

Hold still, the blood is going everywhere!
Let me pick that scab off of you, it needs to look bloodier.
Ewww, these guts are sticking to my fingers!

The boys and I have the best intentions: Scare people in the neighborhood haunted house!

So we dress up, we go over and we do our best!

I'm the opening act, so that requires quite a bit of screaming, lots of yelling and of course my signature sequence:

"I have two potions, one is a good potion, one is a bad potion. Which will you choose?"

The sadistic part of me loves when they choose the bad potion because, the good one smells like flowers the "bad" one a few sprays of my "Instant Smelly Shit" spray.  So not only do I scare them but I get to enjoy their reactions when they choose the "bad" potion!

The boys are zombies in the graveyard and they take their part very seriously. So seriously that they come in saying, "So the guy that runs the place says we have to scare according to his rules, do we have to?"
"What are his rules?"
"Don't freak out the little kids."
I think about it, "Yeah that sounds about right. The adults and teenagers, go for it!"

We spend 3 hours with spaghetti noodles, Instant Smelly Shit, Barf Spray, Jello and of course, treats.

We stop periodically for "Fix my flesh Mom, add some more scab to it."
"I need more blood, I'm too pale."
""Mom, I lost my teeth!  Where are my teeth!"

The end of the night we are laughing about all the people we scared, everyone telling different stories. The best line of the evening was:

"Well, I made two little kids cry, did you make anyone cry?"

It was a good night, a dark and stormy and very good night. Cobwebs and dust included.

Segway post about Karma. Sure I love scaring all the little kids with the Smelly Shit so I get it back when my son decides he wants to see what it smells like and spills it on himself in the car on the ride back.

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