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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WTF - What the Dog Saw.....

Thank goodness animals can't talk, because we'd all be in trouble.

Every wonder what a dog thinks, well here's a stab.

"Boy I am comfortable, I can hear the squirrels outside hanging on the bird feeder but I don't feel like getting up just yet. My humans are sleeping to, could be a lazy morning.

Oh, they are up, they are talking about something.

Why did she throw her shirt on me?

I hate it when the bed moves like this it makes me sea sick.  Better check out what's going on.

Sniff sniff.

Oh look, she's waving good morning to me. She wants to pet me, I must get closer.

Sniff sniff

She waving harder at me, I'll just lick her hand.

Sniff sniff

Look he's waving at me now, I'll just lick his hand also!

Hey!  Why did he push me off the bed, I sleep here. I'll jump back up and move to the pillow above their head.

What? He is picking me up and tossing me out the door? I was only licking his hand.

They closed the bedroom door on me!

Let me go ahead and start scratching and whining at the door. Obviously they forgot me outside the door.

Why won't they open the door?

I guess I'll just go downstairs and pee, that will teach them to not let me outside.

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