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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WTF - Isle Surf and Sup Stand Up Paddle Board Review

If ya'll follow my social media accounts you'll know I received an inflatable paddle board from the hubby for my birthday at the beach. Thought I would share my thoughts on this product.

Why inflatable? I live on a mountain top and drive a small car, my other paddle boards only saw the water two weeks at the beach, this one can go wherever I go!

After different searches, he decided on the Isle Surf and Sup Inflatable 10 foot paddle board. The package came with the board, a pump, and a paddle all contained in one large backpack. We opened the package throwing the directions to the side because "ain't nobody got time for that." After perusal of the materials I am happy to report it was very easy to setup.

Note:  Don't inflate until the board is out of the condo, we almost lost a lamp and a chair trying to fit it out the door.

The pump worked beautifully especially watching two boys hard at work pumping the board! They took turns as I watched making me think one thing I'd add to this would be a cigarette charged small pump could make my life easier.

Once the board was inflated it felt like a regular paddle board, nice and stiff. I decided my first interaction with my new SUP was Taylor's Creek in downtown Beaufort, NC. The board is nice and light to carry, the handle a very nice addition. I didn't put the paddle together that came with it as I had a nice carbon fiber paddle from my old board. The board and paddle an easy carry down the street to the public dock except don't turn back to your husband as he asks you a questions, the gentleman and lady I smacked with the board were not very happy.

My old paddle board was considered the SUV of paddle boards, super wide and perfect for beginners, this new one much smaller in width, making me notice it took more balance than the old one. Thank god for all of my balance poses in yoga as I was able to get up and paddle immediately, my legs shaking, my core tightening as I struggled with the balance in the beginning. (I was congratulating myself on this new workout knowing everything would be sore after this experience.) I lived through several small wakes with the "Oh shit" going through my head trying to stay on the board. Keeping the paddle in the water, stroking as the wakes pass help with balance on the board, head up looking straight ahead, legs hip distance apart, knees soft. I wear my Chacos on the board as bare feet fall asleep standing on the board for a long period of time.

I made it across the creek to Carrot Island where the wild ponies run, beaching the board for a quick hike to the horses, finding the herd, enjoying the new foul while the stallion kept watch. The board is easy to beach, simply grab the handle and walk it up! Back to the water and more exploring.

This was the only time I had issues with the board, the balance felt all off, and every time I took a stroke I just went in circles. Note to self: Make sure you are not on the board backwards, fins in the back. This was a great lesson after I told my sister about all my experience paddling.

Finally, I thought I would share how to fall off the board in a WTF way.  First, make sure you fall off the board in front of the waterfront restaurants, especially right in front of the bar where a big group of people have been enjoying cocktails for a while.

"Whoo hoo!"  "That fall was a 6!"  "Is the water cold?" They shout from the bar, gaining everyone else's attention.

Then, make sure your ass is pointed toward the bar as you try climbing back on the board because getting on the board requires a lot of kicking as you pull your body across the board, letting it all hang out.

"Kick harder!"  "You almost got this!"  "Don't give up!"

There was a resounding cheer as I made it back on the board, pulled my bathing suit out of my crack, finding my paddle. Having a leash with the board was a big help, I just pulled the board back to me rather than having them rate my swimming technique.

Do I dare standing up again right there or paddle on my knees until out of sight?

Of course you stand up again! If you fall off a horse, you get back up again.

"Paddle harder, I hear banjos!" They scream as their cheers faded away as I followed the creek back to the dock.

Conclusion: I love this new board, I don't have any faults for it. The workout is better than my wider board as I work the balance, I feel it all over. The only thing I added for this product is a leash, your basic surf leash works great.

Thanks Sweetie for an awesome birthday gift, getting ready to take it to the lake this week!

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  1. How to Stand Up on Paddle Boards?
    Continuously begin in quiet, level water and remember you could fall! So unless you're in the tropics, a wetsuit might be a smart thought.
    • Get the paddle boards out into in water so the blade is free from winding up in a sorry situation
    • Begin on your knees and take a couple of strokes on each side of the board
    • Gradually, remain strong with one foot at any given moment and remain amidst the board with your feet parallel to the stringer – about shoulder width separated
    • Keep a slight curve in the knees and your center focused over the board