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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

WTF - Six Phrases Better than Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, a day for lovers.  When you've been married as long as I've been, sometimes you don't need the "I love you."  You'd rather hear:

 I cleaned out the dish washer.

 You pick the movie tonight.

Honey, let me stop and ask for directions.

I saved you the last bit of brownie.

I folded the clothes sitting on the sofa for three days.

I cleaned the boys bathroom for you.

How do I know I've got a good one?

He thinks it's sexy when I'm multitasking - standing naked in the tub cleaning grime off the wall.

He doesn't say a word when I walk by in a bra and pants because I don't want to get hair dye on my favorite shirt.

He's holding the bucket while I'm holding the child and we're both sympathy puking.

He went ahead with the insurance policy with out questioning a thing, even when I sent him
out in -14 degree weather to shovel the snow.

Books.  Yes, he still lets me buy books.

Anyone that can watch you give birth and still chase you around the couch - definitely worth keeping!

Anyone that can watch you give birth once and still come back and watch again ^^^ yep!

He gets my jokes.  And if he doesn't he acts like he does.  (*smart man*)

He doesn't mind the smell of BenGay!

He knows what Apres Ski means.

Whenever I come up with one of my great ideas, he never looks at me like, "Are you F*cking crazy?"

We have a rule of thumb to only yell at each other if the house is on fire.

Love isn't about roses, or flowers, or chocolate.  It is the little things in life that connect you together.  Happy Valentine's Day from That Grey Area.

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