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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WTF -How Many Inches Are You Expecting?

When you live close to a ski resort, or anywhere in North Carolina holding a season pass to a ski resort, all of a sudden you become an expert when it comes to the weather.

Did you know there 1,487 weather websites on the web?

Yes, I know because I've checked all of them looking for that pretty little snowflake.

And I am not alone.

Chairlift conversations:

Snow looks good this morning.
That's because if you add the temperature to the dew point, here's what you get:

Add together the Dew point and the temperature  = A
then if:-

If A > 7 prob. snow is very small
If A=7 prob. snow = 10%
A=6  20%
A=5 30%
A=4 40%
A=3 50%
A=2 60%
A=1 70%
A=0 80% or more
Wow, who are you AccuWeather?
No, I'm just a season pass holder.
Other dude on the lift, "Then that means a trip to the Skybar at 10:48am, is that too early?"
All of us, "No!"

I love my lowland friends texting me, "Is there still snow?"

Of course there is! Don't you check Weather.com or Weather.org or Averyweather.com or KellysWebCam.com

Of course I am amazed at our snowmaking capability so I send a two page text back:

We did have 16 days of non snowmaking weather and SURVIVED, meaning we are a step ahead. Snowmaking weather returns on Wed night with snowmaking temps through early next week. Thanks to Snomax in our snow, the snow melts slower allowing premium conditions for your visit."

Of course they text back, "Thanks spokesperson for Beech Mountain Resort,  I was just asking if I could crash on your couch."

The best is when winter weather approaches, we all watch the websites, discussing in texts:

What are you thinking 2 hour delay?
Hell no, 4 inches of snow, we'll get a SNOW DAY! YEAH!
I don't know, the la Nina is separated but not divorced yet from El Nino so could be rain.
No, the latest model has the Polar Vortex dating La Nina and El Nino is pissed of so we'll have snow!
I'm not sure, the Canadian Malamute is sniffing around the Upper Low and with Tropical Storm Lady Gaga's Dance Partner cheating with La Nina and El Nino having no idea  it could mean everything misses us and we get a

Blue Bird Day!

The day arrives and it starts with clouds:

"I told you so, La Nina has bigger boobs than El Nino's package!" Someone texts!

Then the rain comes and there's more frowny faces flying along the cell phone lines.


It turns to snow.

"I told you so, you should follow (insert weather website here).com," I get in 15 separate texts.

I hold my tongue because my barometric pressure charts along with the dew point calculations and the dance I did naked on my back deck last night only means one thing.....


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