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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WTF - Again?

I've been quiet for a while because two weekends ago Max broke his arm in a mountain bike race and to put it lightly things have gotten a little hectic.

 The accident happened at the end of a race, Max's back tire hit a pole and he went into what we call a "death Wobble" going over the handlebars of the bike, breaking his humerus.

I was halfway down the course when I got a text, "Max fell, going over to ski patrol." I'm thinking, OK that doesn't sound too bad.  Then the next text, "Can you walk down a little faster?" Now I'm running down falling twice in the mud before finding him.

Leave it to my child, sitting in ski patrol, in pain, arm in a sling first thing he says after seeing me is, "Did they record my finish time?"

We're sitting and talking, I look at Max saying, "Why is it always you?"  Of course, to make me feel better, my other son says, "No, it's not always Max. Remember I sliced a chunk of my hand off in the meat slicer. Oh, and remember when I went to the hospital with a possible concussion? See, it isn't always Max."

Boy I feel a lot better.  I think.

The break requires sedation to set so off we go to Watauga Medical Center. Upon awakening, my child gently reminds me that we need to find something to be grateful for, right?


"I'll be out of the cast before snow season." He says with a smile, lying back in the hospital bed.

OK son, let's find things to be grateful for:

I am grateful I didn't end up getting arrested when it took 5 hours in the Emergency Room getting the arm X-rayed.  Oh especially when the doctor finally came in, cut his shirt off, looked at me saying, "Oh!  It's broken!"  No shit, Sherlock!

I'm getting a lot more exercise getting up and getting things for him.

It curtailed all of his crazy summer plans, but really? Did the Lord need to take me seriously when I said, "I need a break?"

He's resting a good week before school.  Thank goodness no missed days, I hope.

He's actually reading.

We get to spend time together, he can't get away from me now.

All the attention from the kids at school when he goes back, of course he mentioned the girls.

The OLYMPICS!  We are watching that instead of back to back episodes of CHOWDER!

He's not in a cast, he's in a brace and a sling, so there's no freaking out about getting things wet.

Having boys makes you tough.

He broke his left arm, YAY!  He can still write!

His shoulder didn't go in the accident, he'd be out a full year if that happened.

So see? It isn't that bad. 6 weeks in the brace and sling, keep us in your thoughts, Lord knows we need it.

Oh and the last thing I'm grateful for?

He got the good pain medication prescription, but only needs Motrin so far.

I'm saving those pills for later.

How did Dad help pass the time? You are welcome!

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