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Friday, August 19, 2016

WTF - Is the AC on Or Am I Happy To See You?

Tired of all these dog days of summer?

Tired of sweating?  The trickle down your back into the back of your pants?

Missing the dead of winter, hand warmers, frostbite and hypothermia?

I have the solution!

Go see a movie!

Want your date night involving perky boobies with frosty nipples?

Go see a movie!

This is perfect place to try out that parka before winter, those new gloves you bought on sale, better yet go see a three hour movie wearing your winter gear before winter and see what needs to be replaced!

Best first date?  Go see a movie!

She'll be freezing her ass off and have to huddle close to you for warmth. It's either that or risk becoming a hypothermia victim in that meat locker!

Want to get your legs ready for ski season?

Put on your winter gear and start a new career in mall walking. You won't sweat! The AC inside the mall is set to Arctic Blast June, July and especially August.

This is where Jack Frost likes to shop! In his underwear!

So while we all wait for the temperature outside to FINALLY drop below the temperature inside the mall or movie theater start this petition with me!

If you're setting the AC that low, let's add a snowblower to the inside of the theater so we can all take laps skiing through the Previews!

What do you think? Do you keep an extra blanket in the car just for movies?  Or just take hand warmers with you?

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