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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WTF - School Days, Here we go again

How did you first day of school go?

As usual, I started off with the best of intentions.  "This year I'm going to make the transition easier for the kids, we're going to bed early a week before school, I'm making healthy lunches, AND I'm getting up early making sure they have a great breakfast before they go."

Day One - I think I snoozed the alarm 326 times screwing my get up early making them a healthy breakfast starting their day right.

I opened the teenagers room and the billow of fire coming from the dragon covered in blankets made me rethink the cheerful, "Good morning! It's time to get up!"

The other child, fresh in a cast and sling provided enough entertainment keeping me busy.
Can you help me get my pants on.  My underwear is bunched up. You pulled them down too far my crack is showing.
Can you put on my socks and shoes. My socks are bunched up. The socks rolled under my toes when you put my shoes on.
Can you find the tongue in my shoe, it's pushing on my toes. Why are you groaning?
I think I need a belt with these pants. The belt it too tight.
My shoes don't feel right.
I can't open the milk.
I got milk on my shirt, can you button up the other one?
I can't open the toothpaste.

Luckily I did make the healthy lunches, so score one for me. But I forgot the snacks and fruit so they are splitting 4 Cheezits and 8 grapes.

Running late to school, the teenager snoozes on the window of the car while the other child needs pillows adjusted, seatbelt put on, too tight, too loose, move that part that's pushing on his arm.

I wonder for 1.6 seconds if I should walk cast child into his teacher, introducing myself. Then I figure she'll see the cast when he walks it, it pretty much speaks for itself.

On the ride home, I marvel and the silence in the car, missing them a little bit as the milk someone put on the floorboard spills over on the first turn up 194.

Empty house, so many things to do, I now have time to get them done.  Time to get started!

I sit down with a cup of coffee scrolling through Facebook getting depressed at all the animals needing rescue flooding my feed. The all the cool Moms putting up their First Day of School pictures!

Shit.  I forgot the first day of school picture.

Oh well, I can always take one tomorrow and pretend its the first day because every day for the 180 days will feel like the first day of school.

Is that a lunch box in the back seat?

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