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Thursday, August 11, 2016

WTF - Why Things Go Wrong

Why things go wrong, the Mom edition.

Because you have kids. Nothing will go the way you planned because there two little human beings deciding the universe doesn't play the way they do.

Because you don't have time. Sure everything sounds like a fantastic idea when you think of it at 330 in the morning. Trying to implement that idea in 15 minutes when it takes a minimum hour means moving to Plan B.

Because life has a short attention span. Every tried explaining how to pose for a picture to a child? Then you understand what I mean as you chase them with the camera taking bursts of pictures hoping for one good one.

Because you didn't think it through - sure we should take time thinking the plan completely through but seriously, who has the time for that? It is more fun halfway through saying, "Well that didn't go as planned" and moving on to plan B.

Because God has a sense of humor. Imagine knowing everything all the time, how boring! Why not stir things up a little for some fun. I totally get it, I do the same thing to friends and neighbors.

I read Things Successful People Do When Things Go Wrong and thought I would share these insights from a WTF point of view. You can read the story

Or you can read my take.

Everything is flexible, adjust and move on. Like, "Shit, painting the inside of the toilet to cover scratches from the hanger used to unclog it didn't work, or maybe a child came in, peed and flushed it before the paint dried. Another coat or flushing the paint down the toilet and trying again will work."

Be realistic. If you know your boys are each inviting 2 friends over for their birthday party, have the appropriate number bottles of wine available.

Failure is simply a learning process. "Yes I now realize that Silly String and teenage boys does not go well together. And I also realize following it with a "gentle" water balloon fight probably was pushing it. Should I still bring out the wiffle ball and bats? Well, that's what wine is for."

Every failure means another step toward success. Look at everyone and say, "Oh did I screw that up again?" Or simply say, "oh" and walk away figuring you are stepping toward success if everyone survived and you didn't call the police.

There's always someone willing to tell you what to do, ask for advice. "Hello Tammy? Right now I have 7 kids in the basement killing each other. I need your advice. White or Red?"

Be strong and persistent. "I don't care what fit you pitch, you're not getting the new Wifi password until your room is clean.

They know no lesson is wasted. "I learned a valuable lesson mixing children, a trampoline and a close by roof.  Of course they explained it is not time wasted because it was very fun."

Know when to take a break and walk away for a bit. This is good for when things go wrong, it gives you a new perspective, it also keeps you from strangling children.

They never blame. Better yet if someone goes wrong and a child is smiling, you better bet they have someone else to blame.

Never wait for the right moment. Life goes by too fast, drink that wine before you invite the kids over, drink that wine BEFORE you go on that tubing trip. Better yet, why wait, drink it anyway.

What do you do when things go wrong?

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