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Thursday, August 10, 2017

WTF - TaTa Towel

Well hello there girls, there's a new thing for you! It's the TaTa Towel, a welcome advantage to boob sweat!  Sounds exciting, right?

My first thought on this towel is that it is perfect, if you have big boobs that is. There's elastic to wrap around your girls, the towel raps around your neck and not only are they supported, but they stay dry as well.  But, you have to have boobs.  This is for TATAs if you have small Tits, it may not work. The best part of this is if your boob sweat runs down between your girls, just push them together and you're dry as a bone!

The ad says this is perfect for getting ready in the morning, wrap the girls in a towel and go about your morning routine. I'd love to see my boys faces as I serve breakfast in my TaTa Towel, or go out and get the mail, even take in my morning yoga! Carpool on a hot summer day with the TaTa Towel guarantees the children exiting the car quickly and completely, saving me time!

The next picture is of a woman out in her garden watering her flowers not worrying about boob sweat with her TaTa Towel.

So I'm supposed to just wear this, nothing else? Of course, I understand I need pants, but according to the ad, the TaTa Towel is enough. Go ahead and walk around towel, your girls will love the fresh air. Hit the slopes on a warm winter day in your TaTa Towel, if you get sweaty, you have a towel?

Or just lounge around the house, watch a movie with the kids, the girls safe and sound in their TaTa Towel, eat some popcorn and this time when you drop it, it doesn't get stuck in your bra because with the TaTa Towel there is no bra!

Heading to the summer BBQ on a hot day? Put your TaTa Towel in the cooler with your beers and when the boob sweat becomes unbearable, excuse yourself and put on your ultra cool TaTa Towel. If you dribble a little salsa down the front, the napkin is already provided, especially if your girls are big enough you can maneuver them around and wipe your mouth.

Thinking about a Hot Yoga Class, then the TaTa Towel is for your girls! Downward facing dog as the girls fall forward wiping the sweat off your forehead before you move to plank!

Better yet, if you get romantic with your one and only, there's always a towel available with the TaTa Towel! Throw it beside the bed in case you need it later, or better yet wear it and if your partner gets sweaty you have a towel!

Order your TaTa Towel today, grab your bedazzler and add a little bling to your girls! Or perhaps just a single jewel?

I'm ordering my TaTa Towels in bright red, a tie dyed, and of course Kelly Green. I hope one of them comes with a pocket because where am I going to put my lipstick, money, and phone when I got into town?

Is yourTaTa Towel your "breast" friend?

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