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Thursday, March 23, 2017

WTF - Teenager's Room vs. Walmart

I think traveling into the black abyss of my teenager's room has a few similarities to a trip to Walmart.

I am immediately overwhelmed walking through the door.

I  blindly wander around wondering where to start.

I always find pizza.

I only go when I run out of everything (dishes, clothes, socks, cups)

There is an amazing collection of chips.

I go in looking for one thing and stumble back out with lots of things I don't need or ever wanted.

There are quite a few times I stop and say, "What is that!?!"

I have to wade through a lot of crap looking for what I want.

"What is that smell?"

Looking for what I want involves reaching into some dark corner scared of what is going to touch my hand.

I go in looking for a T-shirt and come out with a  laundry basket of clothes, a bag of chips, a complete set of dishes and no idea how that happened.

I always start both trips smiling and in a good mood, the journey ends with me cursing under my breath.

And of course after a trip to both, I always say, "Nothing surprises me anymore."

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