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Monday, June 20, 2016

WTF - My First Summer Wine, I mean Whine.

Sure it is summertime, we can ditch all the school time rules, right?

I mean, I started summer vacation thinking:

"It's only a little over two months of freedom for the kids. I can handle a little over two month of togetherness.

I got this.

I can do this.

Then the first hour of the first day of summer vacation happens.

Every towel is a musty sopping mess on the bathroom floor, including my white towels someone used cleaning up some spilled Red Gatorade.
I open the fridge to an empty bowl of fruit taking up space.
Followed by picking up an empty carton of milk.
Finally realizing the bread is only two end pieces.
Someone decided applying spray sunscreen in the wind was a good idea, going through an entire bottle.
Every bag of chips is sitting open, and all are soggy.
Someone "borrowed" my good sunglasses and scratched them.
I'm still wondering who's gum is matted in the dog's hair.
Socks, cans and wrappers scattered around the trampoline.
They've already started the dreaded, "I'm bored."

So today I'm going to be a mean mom,

I'm going to wake them up at 6am because vengeance is mine.
I'm going to make them sit at the table and eat a healthy breakfast, including fruit.
No computer time until they are outside for at least an hour.
Finish with cleaning their rooms.

Who am I kidding, this will last as long as that last box of Ding Dongs in the pantry.

I mean really, if I wanted to sleep in and have a clean house why did I have kids?

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