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Saturday, June 11, 2016

WTF - Hello Summertime!

School is in the books, summer has officially started. Here's a few sayings you'll hear on a regular basis in my house!

Who's wet towel?
Are you contemplating life with the refrigerator door open?
You are hungry again?
Get back here, let me put sunscreen on you.
No, soda for breakfast is still not acceptable.
Go outside, don't spend all morning playing that computer game.
Who are you talking to on the Xbox?
You want to eat again?
Why are you up so early?
What is that smell?
If you swam in that bathing suit yesterday, it's clean for today.
Who left the trash on the back porch for the raccoons?
It is not my job to entertain you.
I don't care you don't want to go, get dressed.
Why is your brother mad?
Get up, don't sleep the morning away.
Is that blood or a marker?
I've got plenty of work around the house if you are bored.
Don't sit on the furniture with a wet bathing suit!
The kitchen is closed.
Listen, I don't want to feed the neighborhood.

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