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Monday, June 6, 2016

WTF - Last Week of School

Here we go, the final countdown to summer break!  This last week of school runs slower than any marathon I've ever finished, remember parents it is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

How does the last week compare with the first week?

First Week of School - Perfectly balanced lunch involving all the major food groups.
Last Week of School - two grapes looking like raisons, Fiber One Bar for health and a bag of Fruit Loops.

First week of School - Wake up 45 minutes early to ease into the day setting up positive vibes at school.
Last Week of School - wake up 10 minutes before we are out the door because who cares.

First Week of School - Get the required 8 hours of sleep, refreshed and ready for the day.
Last Week of School - Binge watch The Office until we look at our watches saying, "Oh shit, we gotta go to bed!"

First Week of School - Neatly folded clothes, loving put in dresser drawers.
Last Week of School - "Smell it, if you don't pass out then you can wear it."

First Week of School - Shiny new backpacks, lovingly packed.
Last Week of School - Pinning the strap on the tattered backpack saying, "You only have a few more days."

First Week of School - Beautiful insulated lunch box with ice blocks sectioning the food keeping it fresh.
Last Week of School - Finding the lunch boxes by following the smell. Ice blocks lost the 2nd day of school.

First Week of School - arrive early for drop off, loving send the teenager off to his bus.
Last Week of School - Two wheeling it through the parking lot, throwing open the door as Taco Bell wrappers fall out screaming, "RUN! Don't miss that MUS!!"

First Week of School - Stopping and having coffee with other parents after the drop off.
Last Week of School - Hiding from all the other parents because you're still in your pajamas and forgot your bra.

First Week of School - Sign and check all homework folders.
Last Week of School - Realizing you've already tossed the homework folders into the recycle bin a week ago.

Realizing that surviving both the first week and the last week of school takes talent.

Resistance is futile!

Have a great summer!

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