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Friday, March 23, 2018

WTF - Hanging Out

I have a question. When did dating becoming "hanging out."

Son: "Mom, I'm driving to Boone to hang out with (Insert Girls Name Here)"

Hanging out? Isn't that dating?

No, we're just hanging out.

Where are you hanging out?

I don't know.

How are you going to hangout if you don't know where you're hanging out?

We'll figure that out when I get there. Can I have some money?

Why do you need money if you are just hanging out?


After hanging out sesh:

How was hanging out?


What did you do?

We hung out.


Oh, a few different places.

Where's my money then.

I spent it.

Doing what?

Hanging out.

I think going on a date sounds so much better than hanging out. Or is a way to not commit?

So Jeff walks into the room saying, "Hey baby, you wanna hang out?"

I'd say, "Naw, let's go grocery shopping."

Makes more sense, doesn't it?

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