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Thursday, March 29, 2018

WTF - Reusable Toilet Paper?

In case you haven't seen this, yes, well, this:  Reusable Toilet Paper

Did you know one tree makes 100lbs of toilet paper?

So the thought process here with Family Cloths is getting rid of toilet paper while washing and reusing the cloths.  You put a pile of these pretty cloths next to the toilet with a plastic bin for collection, then wash and recuse.

My first thought is the person who invented this doesn't have boys.

Who eat a lot.

And, well, you know, use toilet paper.

And who uses toilet paper for only toilet paper?

There's makeup removal.

Nose blowing.

And getting back to teenage boys, well let's not go there.

Who's going to wash that?

The instructions say, "keep the natural toilet paper in an airtight container with laundry soap"

I'd love to see someone coming into the house asking, "What's in that container?" Of course, I'd say, "Have a look and see!"

So I'm wondering are you saving money in the cost of extra laundry detergent!

Because I'm not washing anything with used toilet paper.


Then the smell. I lived through 6 years of diapers and the smelly nursery rooms. Going back to that again? Especially for a household of four people?

And me using a cloth that possibly passed a child's butt? Or the boys realizing they are using the same cloths Mom used during "That time of the month?"

"It may get a little discolored from use, but washing with bleach ensures the cloths are clean and ready to go."

And those little buttons on it, hello! Poop magnets! Let me get right on digging dried you know what out of them!


But we should do something for the earth and give it a chance right?

"Boys, we're using Family Cloths now instead of toilet paper. Don't throw it in the toilet, we wash and reuse them."

I can only imagine the horrified looks! Then probably fifteen minutes later the first Family Cloth I have to unclog from the pipes.

So you can have your Family Cloths, I'll keep my toilet paper and help the earth by recycling my grocery bags.

Or maybe I'll buy a bidet? Laser focused though, you know I have boys.

Then I thought about a house full of girls and Family Cloths.


What do you think? Could you use family cloths?

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