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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

WTF - Think You're Cut Out For Boys?

Think you are cut out for Boys? Take this quiz:

1. First thing in the morning I love the smell of?
a. Coffee
b. Toasted Bread
c. A fart that will not go away
d. Smelly feet 

2. I love it when my child makes me:
a. Breakfast in Bed
b. A Detailed Art Project
c. Not lose my mind
d. Their personal Jungle Gym

3. Laundry consists of:
a. Sorting clothes so everything doesn't turn pink
b. Air drying most of the laundry 
c. Sorting by degree of wetness and where the moisture came from
d. Holding your breath and emptying all pockets of live animals

3. My Favorite Meal consists of:
a. Something beautifully arranged on the plate with a flower
b. Something out of the Easy Bake Oven
c. Something edible
d. Something not from the back yard

4. It is not uncommon for you to say:
a. Yes, that tiara works perfectly with your Pink dress
b. Let's go get pedis
c. Please don't lick that frog
d. We don't need to see that in public.

5. You are not surprised if your purse contains:
a. Elsa panties with a smashed up fruit bar
b. A Magic Wand
c. Dinosaur stickers on your tampons
d. A cheese stick from God Knows when.

6. When it comes to Jokes, I am Master of:
a. Fairy Jokes
b. Unicorn Jokes
c. Poop Jokes
d. Fart Jokes

7. In my house I like everything,
a. In order, I hate chaos
b. Slightly messy but I can still have people over
c. In the general area, I can still have people over if they like Mac N Cheese
d. I'm OK with relocating everything nice into a storage container for the time being.

8. My Bathroom is....
a. part dressing room, part spa
b. The place for "me" time including candles and bubble bath
c. The perfect place for the morning paper or Youtube videos
d. Awesome after a 45 minute HOT shower

9. I can clean up:
a. nail polish
b. lipstick stains
c. Blood and dirt
d. A toilet with unknown stains

10. A Cup is:
a. Something for your morning tea
b. A measuring device
c. A place to hide the glass of wine I'm drinking
d. The thing you frantically search for at the beginning of baseball games.

Take the quiz and if you answer A or B for most of the questions, you are definitely perfect for girls. You understand taking all the tags out of clothing because it doesn't feel right, or not wearing the snow pants because there's a tiny rip in the knee.  If you answered C or D the majority of the time, you're ready for boys, learning phrases like, "We don't need to see that in public," or slapping a piece of duck tape on the tiny rip and sending them out the door.

Either way, children are a gift, they keep on giving.

Hold on, it's quiet downstairs, I gotta go see what they are doing.


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