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Sunday, August 13, 2017

WTF - I'm Gonna Be Rich

If you haven't heard of all my great uses for the TaTa Towel,

The TaTa Towel is the perfect way to combat Boob Sweat, a towel that wraps around your neck, grabs and holds the girls tight wisking away all that sweat.

Then, I thought.....

Why just the girls? Don't the guys have the same problem?

So I'm patenting my new invention, the yin to the yang of sweat, the slot for inserting the tab.

The Ball Sack!

I've already got the infomercial in my mind!

"Gentleman, do you get jealous watching your lady walk around in the TaTa Towel? Thinking it's not fair, her girls are all cool and dry while your guys swim in moisture?

We've got you covered!

The Ball Sack!

The Ball Sack is made of 100% organic terry cloth with handmade elastic. You slip the Ball Sack over your best friend, cradle the boys in their own terry cups and never worry about Ball Sweat again!

Just out of the shower and the bathrooms still a little too steamy for your boys? Slip on the Ball Sack and continue on your morning ritual.

Taking too long on the toilet? Or doing your morning "reading" the Ball Sack holds them in place for you! No more dipping!

Entertaining your girl on a hot summer evening? Keep both of you moisture free with the Ball Sack!

Heading to the BBQ and worried about embarrassing Ball Sweat? We've got you covered! Ball Sacks come in the "Just Vent the boys" terry cloth, the "I'm keeping them cool in my jeans" Moisture wicking AND the "Cold Winter Day" Sasquatch Hair!

The Ball Sack comes in three different sizes:
The Mini Sack for youngsters and visits to the pool.
The Medium Sack for most men.
The Gargantuan Sack for well, you know who you are.

Use our custom sizing chart, simply put the boys on the chart and determine just the right amount of elastic to keep them in place.

The Ball Sack has you covered for every occasion, visit our website for our custom Christmas, Bachelor Party AND Wedding Night Ball Sacks! You won't be disappointed."

The Ball Sack comes with a money back guarantee! Return any ball sack that sags, is too tight or just doesn't feel right! We want your boys to be satisfied!

My Infomercial finishes with Daryl hanging out in the bathroom after a particularly HOT shower.

"Edna! Where's my Ball Sack!"

Edna comes walking through the house, completely comfortable in her TaTa Towel carrying Daryl's Ball Sack.

"Don't worry honey, I'm holding your Ball Sack, and it's CLEAN!"

What do you think? Want to become one of my investors?

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