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Monday, July 11, 2016

WTF - Beach Hacks, What?

So I did my duty in purgatory at the beach, and thought I would share some of the smart hacks people shared with me along with my own translation:  Here's the video!

1.  Use a fitted sheet as your beach blanket - Sure this one works like a charm but remember it holds the sand in as much as it holds the sand out. A 5lb sheet of sand is not easy to dump at the end of a long day.

2.  Dig a hole and add a towel for a baby bassinet - Aren't the kids busy digging sand into your fitted sheet? I say dig the hole, put the towel over it and watch with camera ready as kids with sandy feet walk over it!

3. Make Ziploc Sandbags keeping towels in place - obviously this person doesn't have boys.  'Nuff said.

4. Kids can't swim yet? Bring a Kiddie Pool - Make sure your husband's life insurance is up to date, then sit back with a cold beverage after volunteering him to blow up the pool!

5.  Fix a broken flip flop with a bread clip - I'm still wondering why there's a bread clip in my bag?

6. Put your phone in a Ziploc bag keeping sand and water out - did I mention this person doesn't have boys because that Ziploc would end up with the sand filled Ziplocs in the hole you dug for your baby bassinet.

7.  Attach your keys to a wine cork so they float - Now this one I get, because that means you are drinking a bottle of wine, who needs the cork anyway? Who has leftover wine?

8. Roll your Valuables into a Diaper - this is pretty good idea until after a bottle of wine you have to go through all the diapers for your wallet and car keys with the cork attached.

9. Put your snacks in a coffee creamer dispenser - DON'T use the Ziploc bags because we all know where they ended up, where's my phone?

10.  Use non sharp Kitchen Utensils as Sand Toys - I think it's awesome they say "non sharp" who wants to dig a hole with a butcher knife.

11.  Baby Powder Removed Sand from hands and feet - that is if your teenager hasn't dumped the entire bottle down his bathing suit due to salt, sand and sweat.

This video included the perfectly dressed Mom with a large brim hat, all the children playing together in the sand on a beautiful sunny day.

Reality is the Mom keeping one brother from shoving the other's head into the sand, yelling at them to not throw sand at each other as the husband flaps the sand filled towel in her face as the Ziploc bag holding phone follows the diaper with the wallet and keys out to sea.

At least the keys float!

What are your beach hacks?

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