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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WTF - Halloween Talk

Where did the skeleton go on vacation?
MaliBOO of course!

Great halloween yesterday in Banner Elk. The boys and I dressed up, thought I would share some of the comments of the family:

We started deciding our costumes, I'm probably the only Mom who keeps all the blood and guts from the year before for reuse!  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Should I be a funny clown or the "I'm gonna kill you slowly clown?"

I think it would be easier to just splash blood all over you.
Then you can just say you're a serial killer.
If I were a serial killer, I'd just wear this.
But that's normal.
Right, they all look normal until they kill you. (insert maniacal laugh here)
That's boring.

They decide on their costumes, the conversation turns:

Should I add more scabs or more blood?
Oh scabs of course, you have plenty of blood, the scabs are really gross.

How do you make the blood look like it squirted from an open wound on you?
Here, use this Instant Blood Spray, that will work.

Don't put a scab there, that's weird.

Be careful, blood doesn't come out of clothing!

Which do you want, the zombie flesh or just the regular flesh? I think you should add some of this Instant Gore to it.

Look, I got the perfect open wound.
Wow, that looks amazing, let me spray some of this blood on it. I think you should pull on that skin flap, there, that looks awesome.

During the Trunk Or Treat:

Hello little child haven't you been by here several times?

The child: Who are you, a dentist?

My kids: The first three trunks are giving full size candy bars, get over there before they run out!

In the restaurant later eating chicken wings:

Stop picking your scabs at the table.

Did you just give me a scab?

After Trick Or Treating I hear:

Mom, this blood is not coming off, what do I do?

I run to the mirror peeling off my instant scabs down to the blood, taking off the blood.

Shit, it's still there.

Guess I'm spending the day tomorrow saying, "No, I'm not hurt, it's just Instant Blood Spray."

Or I could just go to MaliBOO!

Happy Halloween!!

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