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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WTF - Spring and Eagle Talons

Spring is a time of change, away from the skiing of winter to:

Getting the machete out for the leg hair that kept you warm all winter.
Checking your hair color because you're not wearing hats all day.
I'll just leave any reference to armpits alone.

Spring is also where all the new animals peek out of their warm dens just like my white legs peeking out from a pair of shorts and,

the Eagle talons peeking out from my sandals.

Off to my first pedicure of the season, a little embarrassed I waited a little too long, but hey, I remembered to shave.

I always go to the same place because they call me "honey" it makes me feel special.

Pick out your color Honey.
Sit in this chair, Honey.
Turn on the massager Honey.
Pay your bill Honey.

It is such a relaxing experience, as my friend and I sit next to each other in chairs, the sweet ladies working on our toes talking to each other.

Then I wonder, "What do you think they are saying?"

"This is probably the worst Spring set of toes I've ever seen."
"Oh yeah, well you can tell the last time she cut her nails it was with a hacksaw."
"I feel like I'm digging to china cleaning out these sides."
"I'm gonna have to let her soak an extra 20 minutes but I don't think it's gonna help."
"Do you think I can get away with SnapChatting how bad these nails are?"

Then one looks at the other and they both laugh.

Maybe she said, "At least she shaved her legs."

Honestly, they probably were talking about the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce and I'd have no idea.

Somehow I knew my pedicurist liked me, I mean, she calls me Honey. As my friend looked on she massaged my legs extra long (my poor friend got the spit shine) they both brought out hot towels and she massaged my legs again with the towel (my friend frowning) then after the towel adding some extra lotion and massaged them AGAIN (my friend was pissed, at this point she was already at the nail dryer.)

If you need a new Spring ritual and enjoy being called "honey" go get your nails done. If anyone asks why, just say it helps keep your feet healthy for running, biking, hiking etc.

Well heck, be honest, it's been a long time since someone's called you Honey.

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