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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WTF - Can't we all get along?

So much vitriol, especially on the Internet, I thought I would share with you how I win a political argument when it comes to social media.

It starts with something coming across my newsfeed, something crazy!

I'm not even mentioning what side, but I sit and read this wondering:
How did they come up with this?
This can't be real, I need to re read it.
Shit, it's for real!
Don't they see how wrong they are?
How could they post this shit to Facebook?

Of course I have to read the comments, because once someone flame throws on Facebook the comments get very interesting.

I'm getting more riled up as I read the comments.

I must type my own comment, I must state my opinion.

So I start typing,

typing fast.

Getting mad as I continue down my line of reasoning so different from theirs!

I stop, reread my comment wondering "I should run for office, this makes so much sense!"

I take my comment and move it to a document for grammar check, the last thing I need is someone calling me out on my grammar and not my amazing views!

Everything looks good, I move back to adding my two cents, knowing this will change everyone's view on my brilliantly worded post.

My finger hovers over enter, I pause.

Re read what I wrote, it is so spot on, it could change the world.

Then I realize I am on Facebook, what am I thinking? I'd have to hire a brain surgeon to change their mind.

Delete everything I just wrote and move on.


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