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Thursday, July 12, 2018

WTF - What's In Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has it. I'm not talking about cooties, I'm talking about the

dreaded junk drawer.

That place you throw everything that doesn't have a designated spot in your kitchen.

The black hole that fills,

and fills

and fills

until you can't shut it and it's time to clean it out.

I tell my boys, "Today's the day I'm cleaning out the junk drawer!"
They reply, "Which one?"

I have to do this alone because it's like my husband's box of wires and plugs. "Oh, we can't throw that out, you never knew when we may find a VHS without a plug." and "No, we can't throw that one out you still have your Suzie Homemaker Oven don't you?"

My children and their friends call the drawer the "treasure box" when they are bored they love going through the junk drawers looking for treasure. One actually found 5 dollars in MY drawer claiming finder keepers.  Honestly if you have bored teenagers, get out the junk drawer!

Junk drawers are full of memories you find around the house but can't throw out.

"Oh look it's the broken piece from Max's stick of awe. The one he made in 5th grade. I can't throw that out!"


"Is that one of Max's baby teeth?"

There are also memories you can't remember:

"Anyone know what this key belongs to?"
Hubby, "Don't throw that out, you never know when we may have to unlock something."

After three hard pulls I finally get the drawer out, sitting on the kitchen table ready to go down this rabbit hole.

Batteries I'm pretty sure are dead, as my kids change batteries and throw the old ones back in the drawer.

Too many Post It Notes to count (Am I THAT forgetful?)

What's this? Snake in a can? Ahhh, sitting next to the fake poop.

Invisible Ink Pens - ahhh boys.

A number candle from someone's 3rd birthday
Enough soy sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, duck sauce packets for the apocalypse
Chop sticks
4 pairs of sunglasses
Sharpies, highlighters, glue sticks
A handcuff key?
Body Glide for Her - yeah thick thigh problem
Hand warmers
Way too many lip balms
A staple puller
A stapler with no staples
ONE domino
Pieces to a watch
several random cards
a test tube
A water syringe (don't ask)
Screws to something, I'll just wait for it to fall apart to realize.

Then finally underneath it all is the junk drawer organizer with a

A wine bottle stopper?


Something to throw away!

I did find something cool I'd forgotten about.

A Cat PEN!

You're welcome!

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