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Thursday, April 20, 2017

WTF - Traveling with Kids or What's That Smell

When you live next to a ski resort and your season comes to an end, you do what any normal minded person does.

You drive 14 hours chasing snow.

The boys and I sat down figuring out how to get some Spring Skiing in with a late spring break this year and found Killington, VT.

Wolf took this picture and
thought it was hilarious!
"They still have a park and it's a doable drive," I said, "We'll see family in DC then continue on our way. Sounds perfect!"

So we plan, getting all of our gear together, walking out to my MiniCooper and Plan A goes out the window.

"How are we going to do this?"

"Put Max on the roof and all of Will's and my stuff will fit in the back." One child says.

I look at him, he pauses for a very long time (I think he was seriously wondering if we could do this) then says, "I'm kidding."

So I rent a SUV, everyone is excited.  Plan B

We get to the rental and all they have is HUGE Ram Truck, everyone looks at me. "Our stuff could get wet!"

Plan C - "We'll pick up trash bags."

Everyone settles in the truck, the car rental guys asking me if I want to rent a stool to get into the drivers seat. Very funny, "That's what that handle in the window is for," I say pulling myself up into the truck. I feel like a badass!

It's me in the front, and all three in the back, perfect! I can relax!

Five minutes of letting one child use the AUX cord and rapper Dizzy EX singing about Mollies and I'm taking over the tunes with a little Frank Sinatra.  It worked! They all put in headphones and I drive along in peace.

Until the snack bag explodes in the back seat, it's a carnage of Moon Pies, granola bars, Twizzlers and Flavor Blasted Goldfish.  Max has dumped jelly beans all over the seats, and I lost my piece of beef jerky between the seats.  At least the rental now looks like my car normally looks, I feel right at home.

Of course when chasing snow, nothing goes as planned, Fifteen minutes into the drive I utter my now famous saying of the trip:

"What is that smell?"

"Oh we took our shoes off, can we put them up front with you? We need the room."

Of course you can.

Stay tuned for part 2 of What is that Smell?

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